Learn with your friends online on Toppr Plus’s new program: Courses

Introduces Courses on Toppr Plus with an image of older female student holding a tablet and animated pictures of her batchmates in the background.
Toppr’s new program Toppr Courses is designed for competition exam aspirants

One of the most prominent changes to the students’ daily lives over the past year could have been the closure of schools and offline classes and the shift to online learning. Schools were not only a place for academic learning, but they also allowed students to socialize and learn with their friends. Toppr’s latest product feature — Toppr Courses, is designed to address this gap and bring about the social aspect in the student’s online learning journey.

Courses is Toppr’s new learning program which provides a complete classroom-like environment…

By making use of innovative teaching methods, math is shifting to become a popular favourite

Image of adaptive practice mobile screens from Toppr app
Toppr’s adaptive’s practice helps students grasp math faster

Mathematics will be among the most important competencies in the coming decades. The world is changing quickly and math is at the heart of this transformation. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are forecasted to bring drastic technological changes to the coming decades. Since these technologies require a solid mathematical foundation, maths is becoming necessary to secure jobs of the future.

But many students would agree, learning mathematics can require a lot of patience. Unfortunately, the subject’s reputation is hardly stellar. Many students…

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” — Michael Jordan

Toppr’s Employee Recognition Program: Toppr Claps
Toppr Claps: Peer-to-Peer Employee Recognition Program

These words, echoed by Michael Jordan, ring true to this day. Jordan understood the importance of establishing a team that recognised the efforts of others. After all, we all want to know that we are appreciated and that the work we do makes a significant contribution to the success of the organisation.

At Toppr, we recognise that our employees are the backbone of our organisation. As industry leaders, we strive to align our organisational culture around our common purpose — to personalise learning.

Our shared goal serves as…

Marks up close to 750K+ URLs to bring engaging learning experiences directly to the Search page

This year has not only changed education as we know it, but it has also coerced all stakeholders of education to find better learning solutions. Students, parents and teachers have witnessed the power of technology in remote learning and the transformative effects it can have in learning better and teaching effectively. However, discovering engaging and interactive learning content online can often be challenging.

So when tech giants Google approached Toppr for orchestrating a better learning experience for all students learning online, we were more…

Here’s how Pulkit Mahesh, AIR 275 managed to clear JEE and ace his board exams

Champion’s gold trophy with books on the side and a illustration of a paper with a blue medal.

This year the JEE Mains was conducted during the pandemic. Out of the 8.58 lakh candidates registered, around 74% of the candidates took the exam and 1.6 lakh made the cut for Advanced. A total of 43,204 candidates then finally qualified for the coveted seats at the 23 IITs. These numbers are enough to give us an idea of how difficult this examination is to crack.

All India Rank 275, Pulkit Mahesh however, breezed through the difficult terrains of JEE. This Bangalore based student also…

This calendar year brought some path-breaking events and iconic decisions at Toppr

Last year, the entire world went into a transformation. This was not only because of the pandemic but also due to a series of unforeseeable events. COVID-19 to cyclones to wildfires to economic disruptions, 2020 altered life as we knew it. Majority of our every-day routines changed overnight.

At Toppr, like most organizations around the world, we closed our offices. As schools were locked down, educators forced themselves to think differently and transform to keep students learning. …

Consistent quality over quantity learning helps top rankers stay ahead in their game

A red ball with 2 white concentric circles shows 3 arrow darts hitting the bullseye.
4 Habits of NEET Top Rankers

What do top rankers do differently?

We all have that one classmate who plays sports, spends their weekends hanging with friends and still manages to perform well in exams. You often wonder, there isn’t much difference between you and them, so what sets them apart?

Jose George, NEET 2020 — AIR 1414 is one such classmate according to his friends. …

Identify your child’s learning style to help them shape their educational experiences

Every child receives and processes information differently

When preparing a lesson plan, most teachers plan their lessons to teach the majority of their class. But the downside is that not everyone learns the same way. Have you wondered why some children enjoy group study while some learn with their headphones on?

When you help your child learn the way they prefer, the overall learning experience of understanding, retaining and applying knowledge becomes more productive. Your child’s learning style determines the way your child processes information. It focuses on strengths, not weaknesses. Therefore, there is no…

With Zishaan Hayath CEO, Toppr and Ryan Pinto CEO, Ryan Group

The pandemic has brought into light the importance of social distancing norms. This has however only restricted the students’ physical access to classrooms. It hasn’t stopped schools or colleges from imparting education to their students, thanks to online education curriculums and virtual classes. This change can only be attributed to technology which the Indian education system has embraced over-night.

Toppr, in partnership with AWS, organized a webinar that covered how effective use of technology has helped schools increase student engagement, parent satisfaction and teacher output. …

Influence children’s learning behaviour in advance to avoid gaps later

Smiling mom, dad and daughter looking into the laptop, kept on wooden table with a plant and a floor lamp in the background.
Strategies for proactive parenting

Why proactive parenting is important?

The most prominent mistake children make in their learning is thinking they will learn everything they need to know from their teachers to achieve academic success. They overlook the fact that to perform well in their studies, a student also has to be willing to learn concepts and apply them correctly.

That’s where parents play a critical role. Expecting teachers to somehow miraculously get your child to listen to instructions when they haven’t followed yours for the past 10–15 years is unfair.

How proactive parenting can help?

Parents can be more proactive in teaching children…

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